Safes Division

If you are looking into buying a safe then you have made your first step into your valuables protection.

Since you have made this decision, you now need to choose a company that will accommodate your needs, listen to what you want and give you advice that you can trust and rely on.

This is where London Fire and Safe comes in. We have been servicing Queensland and Australia for over 30 years with our advanced knowledge of Safes and document storage. We can assist you from selection of the correct safe for your needs, all the relevant information and specifics so you understand why we have recommend a particular product for you and then we can organise the delivery and installation.

We have a large range of products and services such as:

  • Cash Safes
  • Fire Resistants safes and Filing Cabinets
  • Inground Safes
  • Deposit/Cash management Safes
  • Hotel Room Safes
  • Drug Safes
  • Safe Deposit Lockers
  • Strongroom Doors
  • Secondhand Safes
  • Relocation of Safes
  • Services and safe openings
  • Delivery and installation

Fire Safes

Fire is a kind of mishap that no one wants to occur at their home, office or other premises but mishappening doesn’t comes with a warning, what a person can do can do is to be prepared for all kind of situations. In order to keep your important documents, jewellery, precious stone, metals & other high various possessions safe from such kind of mishappening, a Fire Proof Safe or Fire Safe is the product you are looking for. Inside a fire safe, yours belongings will remain completely safe and unharmed even the whole area around the safe will be in flames and in extremely high temperature.

So why not give us a call, you will be glad you did.

Dealing with London Fire and Safe for your safe needs is so simple yet you get comprehensive information and you will always talk to one of our safe specialists based in our Queensland Office.