TDR Lift Out Door Heads

Amsec Star & Major Floor safes heads are engineered with advanced security features. Star Tube safes have been the standard for gas stations, fast food and other major retail establishments, even home owners for over 50 years. High Security TDR, Amsec Star & Major safe door heads are classified as TDR meaning Torch & Drill resistant providing maximum fire and burglary protection.

Amsec Star round Safe Heads:

  • Restricted key lock.
  • Combination Head.
  • Combination with Posting Slot head - Slot 10cm long and 1cm wide.

There are two main base types available:

  • Firstly, as pictured is the square base. This base is 300mm x 300mm x 400mm high (including cylindrical rise).
  • Secondly there is the Amsec L15 base which is 380mm deep and is constructed of cylindrical 6.4mm tube steel. The outside diameter of the base is 220mm.
  • Custom size bases available: Price upon request.

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