Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets


Tested & Proven to Protect Your Important Documents

What will happen if your important documents, ledgers, invoices, accounts, etc. are destroyed in a fire? The consequences can be financially disastrous for your company.Lion Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets have built-in, long lasting reliability and are specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 900 o C for one hour. They are also built to withstand considerable impact in the event of the cabinet crashing through the floor in the course of a fire.For your peace of mind, get Lion Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets in your office today!

model rp2 rp3 rp4
w d h w d h w d h
external – mm 515 755 823 515 755 1186 515 755 1549
internal drawer – mm 388 644 300 388 644 300 388 644 300
net weight -kgs 175 260 340
shipping dimension -mm 690 980 1040 690 980 1040 690 980 1770
shipping volume -cu,m 0.70 0.95 1.20
gross weight -kgs 213 309 400
  • Top Drawer lockable with either a Combination Lock or a Digital Lock. Each drawer comes with an independent key lock. The top drawer can control access to the other drawers if set up or each drawer can be used individually.
  • The Fire Resistant Cabinets are of tongue and groove construction which not only acts as a heat seal between the drawer and body but a vapour barrier as well.
  • Each drawer is isolated from the other by an insulated bulkhead. This means that should one drawer be left open by mistake, the others will remain intact during a fire.
  • The drawers are mounted on heavy duty suspension slides capable of taking a weight of up to 50 kgs.
  • The Fire Resistant Cabinet is rigidly constructed to withstand the severe impact of a fall. For this reason a special plinth is fitted deliberately.

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