1Key Locks
  • Safe key locks are not a restricted key but cannot be bought just anywhere.
2Combination Locks
  • A lock that will open only when its dial is turned through a predetermined sequence of positions identified on the dial face by numbers or letters.
  • Mechanical combination locks are a reliable and good choice for security.


1LG Basic
  • Enables 2 users both manager and second user.
  • 6 digit code to access.
  • User options: Up to 9 different opening codes.
  • Dual combination, Time Delay, Time Delay Override, Duress Alarm connected to alarm panel.
3LG Master
  • Can be enabled with up to 49 different opening codes.
  • Time delay, Time locking, Auditable, dual user, Duress Alarm.
4Smart Point
  • 3 options of user identification; fingerprint only, fingerprint and code, or code only.
  • Multiple users - Up to 98 users with single fingerprint.
  • Time locking, Time delay, Auditable, dual user, Duress Alarm.
  • High Quality fingerprint scanner.