Fire Safety Training In Hotels Vitally Important

by / Wednesday, 11 March 2015 / Published in Fire Safety, Hotel, Training & Evacuation

In all hospitality facilities there is a risk of fire. Equipment malfunctions, careless staff and guests and of course hectic kitchens can all contribute to potential fires. In a situation where there a many people it is easy for panic to break out when there is a fire.

While fires are not always preventable the panic and confusion that happens from them can be. When managers and staff are fully trained in fire evacuation procedures and appropriate fire safety equipment is installed there is less chance of serious injury and death.

It is vitally important that a certified fire safety expert is enlisted to install fire safety items on site and provide training to all staff. London Fire and Safe is a one stop fire safety shop where not only can the best equipment be sourced but also a range of training and services to ensure safety for all on site.

London Fire and Safe provides services such as fire training and evacuation drills, security advice, fire safety audits and more. These services combined with superior products will help arm management and staff with the knowledge they need about fire safety in hospitality.

Here are some of the facets that need to be learnt for fire safety training.


There should always be a fire warden appointed. The responsibility is great in this role with the warden needing to oversee everyone’s safety in the event of a fire. Wardens should be well trained to deal with emergency situations such as a fire and still carry out their duties.

They will need to have a clear understanding of the emergency procedures, as well as how to use fire extinguishers.

Emergency awareness and evacuation

Not all employees will have the same responsibilities but each staff member needs to have the knowledge of the procedure to be carried out in a fire. The ability to stay calm and help guests in a safe manner is of great importance. Staff members also need to understand the particular evacuation procedure for their place of work and the process of setting off alarms.

Use of extinguishers

An essential part of fire safety, fire extinguishers are no good to an establishment if no one knows how to use them. Employees need to be trained on correct use of these by a professional trainer.

Protect your staff and guests from life threatening fire by arming them with equipment and knowledge from London Fire and Safe.