The Importance of Drug Safes

by / Sunday, 19 April 2015 / Published in Drug Safes, Safes and Locks, Uncategorized

Hospitals, medical centres, doctors, chemists, aged care facilities and similar establishments will all have drugs on site that need to be locked away. There are laws in each state regarding the safe management and storage of certain drugs; these need to be strictly adhered to.

At London Fire and Safe clients can secure top of the range drug safes to ensure that items as outlined are stored as they should be according to the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 and Regulations 2006.

A strict system needs to be used with certain drugs and poisons. There will always be a book in which the authorised person needs to complete the details of what is taken or added and it is against the law to add any false information into the log.

If you work in a facility where such substances are stored, then you are more than likely well aware of the risks involved and why drug safes are important. The training carried out for such things is quite in-depth and stringent due to the nature of what you are dealing with.

Here are just a few reasons why certain substances and poisons need to be locked away safely.


Some drugs and poisons, if they come into contact with food or food related items such as cutlery, can contaminate the items. This can be dangerous for the reason that people can have a reaction, become sick or worse.

Even if a drug is kept in a cupboard or briefcase that is locked they still can pose a risk to coming into contact with items they shouldn’t. A safe from London Fire and Safe is the best and only option that should be taken.


While children are very unlikely to get behind counters in medical facilities or similar, accidents can sometimes happen. Just as you wouldn’t leave poisons or medications in the reach of children at home, it absolutely should not be accessible in these places.

Addicts and criminals

Possibly the number one reason to be wary about controlled substances is drug addicts or criminals. Too often there are attempts to steal prescription medication and controlled substances such as opiate painkillers, amongst others.

This can be either the attempt of addicts or people who want to steal and sell the drugs. For this reason it is of utmost importance to keep drugs locked securely in the safe provided in order to avoid them getting into the wrong hands.

If you are looking for a drug safe that won’t let you down, contact London Fire and Safe today.