No Regrets with Lockable Filing Cabinets

by / Friday, 06 February 2015 / Published in Home Safes, Safes and Locks, Uncategorized

When you run an office or if you store documentation at home you want to know that these documents will be well protected. Most documents are legal and valuable in some way. At London Fire and Safe we supply the highest quality fireproof filing cabinets so that in the event of fire or theft, important paperwork won’t be lost and you won’t be left with the job of replacing or recovering these.

Aside from the disaster of fire ruining your documents what about the disaster of being broken into? Often people overlook the importance of protecting important items such as birth certificates, bank statements, banking information, sensitive business files with customer information and more.

The fact of the matter is that if some of these items are taken, as well as other files with sensitive information, this can create a fairly good size issue for you. So we at London Fire and Safe are here to help and ensure that you don’t get caught out.

Our fireproof filing cabinets are also lockable which can save you some regrets in the long run if you don’t protect paperwork accordingly. Here are the top reasons to choose a lockable filing cabinet.

Prevent theft

The documents you have in the office or at home can have a monetary value on them. Items such as birth certificates, et cetera, can be a drawcard for those who can sell them for false identification purposes. Even if the intention is not to sell these items, they are very valuable to you for submitting applications, proof of identity and more.

Other documents can be taken in error, pieces of paper that are sentimental to you and nothing to others. Protection is the best course to take no matter what you file away.

Business protection

Client data, business statements, employee information and more are just some of the highly important documents that should be locked away to protect the business, its clients and employees. Sometimes staff can simply become nosy if they come across unsecured files.

Businesses could be held accountable by employees or clients if sensitive information they don’t wish others to know about is leaked in any way. There may be some information about a staff member that they don’t wish others to know. Whatever the reason, all trust is lost if a business fails to protect staff and clients from prying eyes.

Contact us today and protect your documents from fire and theft with our fireproof lockable cabinets.