Meet The CO2 Fire Extinguisher

by / Tuesday, 06 January 2015 / Published in Equipment, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Safety

We all know that fire extinguishers are vitally important for fire safety and there are different kinds, but do you know the difference between each and their uses? All Fire extinguishers are labelled on site regarding what they are, what they are for and they have distinguishing colourings to make use easier.

If you are looking at purchasing a fire extinguisher then it will help you to know some information about each and in this article we will discuss CO2 fire extinguishers. You will also need to talk to a reputable dealer about purchasing a reliable extinguisher that complies with Standards Australia.

London Fire & Safe offer full service on their products and will assist you with selecting, installation and certification. Their professional and helpful manner ensures they are leaders in their field and that you are only supplied with quality products.

How to identify a CO2 extinguisher and how does it work

The CO2 extinguisher is easily identified by its colour red and black band around it. They also have a horn where the CO2 shoots out of. Fires need oxygen to live and the CO2 extinguisher works by removing this element from the equation. The Carbon Dioxide that comes out of the extinguisher is very cold and comes out much like a cloud of snow. As this covers the fire it suffocates it of oxygen causing it to die.

What fires are CO2 extinguishers used for?

CO2 fire extinguishers are most useful for fires in electrical environments where electrical fires can occur (class E) or where flammable liquids are present and may catch fire (class C). These extinguishers should not be used in confined areas and are not suitable for use on other class fires A, B or F.

Where they are best suited?

Because of the nature of fires these extinguishers are suited to, they belong in the following areas:

– Mechanical rooms

– Laboratories

– Kitchens

– Flammable liquid storage areas.

The exceptional team at London Fire & Safe also offer services on their extinguishers. They will maintain, fill and check your extinguisher to ensure they still comply with safety standards regulated by the government.

It is extremely important to get your extinguisher serviced not only for your own safety but to avoid a hefty fine for not complying with regulations for fire extinguishers. Choosing a CO2 fire extinguisher from London Fire & Safe means choosing the ultimate in fire safety and protecting the lives of all who enter the building.