Keeping Kitchens Safe From Fire

by / Tuesday, 25 August 2015 / Published in Fire Safety, Home

Kitchen fires are one of the main causes of fires in the home and can cause great amounts of grief for families and occupants. Of course, losing valuables is a pain but there is nothing more painful than losing a loved one.

For this reason it is important to make sure that your home is fire safe and that all precautions needed are taken. The experts at London Fire and Safe can provide all the right fire safety equipment for your needs and also information on how best to keep your kitchen safe from fire.

Here are some great tips to be savvier about keeping kitchens safe and preventing fires.


It’s not safe to leave items in the kitchen cooking unattended. If you must leave the area then if possible ask someone else to monitor what is cooking. Particularly if there are young children about, they are at risk of burns, for instance, if you leave the kitchen and they place a hand on a hot cook top.

Dress appropriately

Loose clothing that is flowing or hanging over hot stove tops is a danger. Keep shirts tucked in, sleeves rolled up if you have them and, where possible, wear an apron that fits well. The bonus of the apron is your clothes are kept clean.

Careful where you place things

Picture an innocent scene in the kitchen. A homemade pie in the oven, vegetables on the stove top. You use the oven mitt to check the pie and then place it on the kitchen top. Always ensure the proximity you place things from the stove top is a good distance.

Even after the hot plates are off beware where you place tea towels, for example, as you are never sure how hot these still are or if little hands will enter the area and play with dials. The safest bet is always to have a hook to hang tea towels and other items on and place them back straight after use.

Careful what you dispose of

Never tip hot grease into garbage bins. Even if there is no fire in the grease, it could ignite something in your bin. Always allow it to cool completely and dispose of properly.

Mind your fire safety

Always ensure your home is fire safe. Check that batteries in smoke detectors are functional, have an evacuation plan in place and suitable fire equipment such as an extinguisher.

For more information on fire blankets and extinguishers contact London Fire and Safetoday.