Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

by / Monday, 12 January 2015 / Published in Dry Chemical, Equipment, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Safety

If you are looking for the most diverse fire extinguisher available then it would have to be the dry chemical fire extinguisher. If you seek a reputable supplier who can not only provide extinguishers approved by Standards Australia but also offer reliable servicing after your purchase, look no further than London Fire & Safe.

They stock a various range of sizes in a dry chemical fire extinguisher. The 4.5kg proves to be their most popular in this particular extinguisher but there are also smaller and larger sizes. Starting at 1kg up to 9kg and even larger units on wheels you will definitely be able to find a size that meets your needs.

Why dry chemical fire extinguishers?

The most commonly placed and used extinguisher in Australia, dry chemical extinguishers are easy and safe and work on a variety of fire types (A, B, C, and E). Fires of wood, petrol, rubber, oil, paper, textiles, paint, electrical equipment and more are no match for the dry chemical extinguisher. This makes them versatile for many different sites.

This extinguisher works by using the theory of covering the fire with sand or dirt. When put to use, a non-reactive solid material is finely sprayed in powder form to blanket the fire. This method results in the flame being suffocated and dying out.

The dry chemical fire extinguisher is very reliable and as mentioned, covers a range of fires and is even safe near equipment such as computers and other electrical equipment. Care should be taken when using this extinguisher as the powder can cloud and make it hard to see, time needs to be allowed for this to settle.

Once the fire has been beaten clean up is easy with the dry chemical extinguisher, a simple vacuum once dry will suffice.

What sizes suit which areas?

The popular 4.5kg suits areas such as shops, offices, garages, factories, and restaurants and can also be used in trucks, buses, boats and heavy machinery.

9kg dry chemical fire extinguishers are also best suited for restaurants, shops, offices, factories and other commercial type buildings etc.

1kg, 2kg and 2.5kg are the best sizes for kitchens, bedrooms, sheds and garages as well as cars, boats, caravans, campervans etc.

When you talk to the team at London Fire & Safe you are assured of expert advice and reliable servicing.

London Fire & Safe will be more than happy to answer any of your questions so that you make the right choice of extinguisher to keep your residence, building or vehicle safe from the destruction of fire.